Thomas + Jimmy flirting in season 5, episode 1


You’re starting to l i k e him. So what?

I - I l i k e you. A lot. You’re incredibly good-looking and smart and sweet.

listening to tts’ whisper and whispering to myself  ”you need a new phone FOR YOUUUU YEAH”

I don’t get paid for 24 more days and I have to buy some hardware for my grad project so I can’t spend all I have on a phone I have to wait until next month 


truer words were never spoken


truer words were never spoken


"I don’t do relationships"

why does Britain think they need to promote tourism in tumblr? like everyone who loves traveling is bound to go there someday. 


when friends start shipping your OTP


when Chris-Sebastian introduced me to Steve & Bucky.


there is so much unnecessary heterosexuality on tv